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How to Shampoo


To prevent tangles or matting, gently brush hair before getting into the shower. 

Use a SULFATE-FREE shampoo and conditioner to prolong your hair color and the  quality of the extension as well. 

Shampoo gently between the rows, no need for vigorous scrubbing. 2 shampoos may  be required to fully clean the hair. DO NOT rub hair into a ball as it will cause it to tangle and matte.

Make sure to thoroughly rinse between the rows. We find it helpful to use a clip if  wearing more than 1 row. 

For those days you want to skip a FULL WASH but want to remove extra oils from your  hair, we recommend separating the natural hair that lays on top of the extensions from  the rest of your hair and extension hair. Once the extension is secure in a pony, let  down the natural hair on top of your head, lean over a sink, shampoo and condition your  natural hair. 

Style as Desired. 

How to Blow-Dry


When blow drying your hair make sure to not brush or comb it until it is 80% dry. Use a  good HEAT PROTECTANT before using any heat The hair will be tangly its ok. Rough dry  using your fingers to run through. 

DO NOT pull on the hair. Make sure to comb everything up to the weft itself when it is  dry. This applies to blow outs as well. It is important to let who ever styles your hair to  NOT round brush your hair from the start to finish of your blow-dry. 

If you have multiple rows, the quickest way to dry your hair is to separate each row and  rough dry them separately. 

Once the hair is mostly dry then you can use a round brush or a Wet Brush to smooth  out the extension hair.

Use a Wet Brush/wide tooth comb when brushing the extensions out.  Also make sure to use a good heat protectant. It will help prolong the life of your  extensions. 

How to Style


If curling your extensions, take smaller sections with your hair. You DO NOT need to  separate your hair from the extension hair when curling. When curling always do  smoothing run through with the iron on your hair before placing the curl. This will help  give your extensions a more polished look. Never allow the heat to go above 390  degrees. 

If you are wanting to wear your extensions straight, we recommend using a flat  iron to smooth out the extension for a more polished look.  

When wearing your hair in a pony tail or top knot, we recommend gently pulling the hair  attached to your anchor bead forward. This will help loosen up any tension on your  front beads.

When curling apply TEXTURE SPRAY to help the curls stay for a longer  period. Also always apply an oil after styling from the mid shaft to the ends.  

Prolong Extension Life 

We recommend only using salon-quality products.

After a few washes, the extension’s hair will expand and take on a more realistic hair texture. 

Some shedding will take place like normal natural shedding. If you notice excessive  shedding please contact the salon or stylist.  

To help with styling less we recommend wearing your hair in loose braids. This also  helps minimize tangling.  

DO NOT leave your hair damp over night, this will cause your hair to matte and tangle.


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